Expand your clinical tool kit; improve professional judgement

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This learning program builds core and advanced CBT capabilities and offers extensive opportunities for practice and case discussion.

This program is comprised of six elective modules.  Module can be selected from the following:

  • An Overview of the Cognitive Model
  • CBT for Anxiety
  • CBT for Depression
  • CBT for Suicide Prevention
  • CBT for Single Episode Trauma
  • CBT for Complex Trauma
  • CBT for Substance Abuse and Concurrent Disorders
  • CBT Modifications for Working with Children and Youth
  • Advanced CBT Applications for Anxiety: GAD, SAD, OCD and Insomnia
  • Advanced CBT Applications for Psychosis
  • CBT for Supervisors: Implementation, Supervision and Fidelity to the Cognitive Model
  • Taking It to The Street: Modified CBT Applications for Working in Brief Settings
  • Case Consultations

Modules are based on cutting edge research and are custom tailored to meet the unique needs of each team with whom we work.

The objectives of the TAPE Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy are to:

  • Ensure front line staff have a strong working knowledge of the cognitive model
  • Develop skills for delivering CBT in different settings, with different populations
  • Build clinical judgement as to how and when CBT can be effective

We can help you identify and select a CBT learning program to meet the unique demands of your cases, your settings and the populations you serve. Contact us to discuss your goals for CBT skill development, and receive a 2-3 page outline of recommended CBT learning options to meet your unique needs.

Certificate Program: The Solution Focused Approach