Your case examples form the basis of your learning program with us, not a pre-determined course outline.

We let theoretical lessons stem from case discussion and activities, ensuring your learning experience is highly relevant, engaging and provides actionable insights your team can apply immediately in their work.

Every program we deliver is tailored to meet the unique demands of:

  • the populations you serve
  • your cases
  • your team

We segment core learning objectives into three broad categories: to build knowledge; to build skills; and to improve clinical judgement.

We limit classes sizes to a maximum of 25 participants to ensure an optimal in-class experience.

Between classes, we instill habits of continuous professional improvement through a cycle of practice,
feedback, reflection and practice.

As learning doesn’t end when your program does, we include post-program support via coaching calls with your staff and managers to address questions that inevitably arise related to the implementation of new skills.

Our faculty is comprised of registered mental health professionals (psychologists, social workers and psychiatrists), all of whom have extensive clinical and academic experience and must consistently achieve over 80% in participant evaluations to lead programs.


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